Creating a Warm Welcoming Home for your Guests


Creating the Atmosphere of Warmth and Welcome

So, I've cleaned, cooked, decorated, washed the dog, but.....there is still another component we need to focus on.

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your Thanksgiving guests. Try these tips:

- Dim your lights in your dining room and living area

- Add candles - no need for scented - your dinner is already creating a banquet of aromas.  I would suggest using the battery candles as they are not a fire hazzard

- Guest towels in the bathroom

 - Clear off clutter from coffee tables and end tables so your guests will have a place to put their drinks

 - Time your dishes so they are all ready at the same time.  I often write out a chart of what I am serving, and what time I need to put it in the oven so it will be ready at the same time as the other dishes.

 - Involve your friends and family in meal prep.  They will feel like contributers and will enjoy the comaraderie. 

 - Clearly have the "garbage" labeled for recycling and non-recycling

- Enjoy your people!!