Sharon's Perfect BLT


Slice and marinate perfectly ripe and juicy tomatoes, yellow, orange, red, cherry, heirloom, Beefsteak in olive oil, cracked salt, cracked peppercorns, chopped fresh basil, rosemary, parsley and a little bit of mint ( let marinate for a few hours before you make the sandwiches)

(Save all the juices from the tomato mixture, as it is the start of gazpacho or a batch of Bloody Mary’s)

Cook 4-6 pieces of peppered bacon per sandwich

Mix together mayonnaise and HOGWASH to taste

For each sandwich wash and pat dry a handful of Arugula and mixed greens

Toast the bread you wish to make your sandwich from ( we recommend Zingerman’s Farmhouse whatever…)

To assemble:

Spread mayo mixture on both sides of toasted bread

Place the peppered bacon and arugula mixture on one piece of bread and the tomato mixture on the other piece of bread.

Put these together and apply a little pressure to the top piece of bread to keep all in place.

Cut sandwich in half and serve.

While you are eating this have the third and fourth pieces of bread toasting for your second helping.