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SPIRAL SLICED, Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked and Peppered Ham

$22.95 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    This award-winning, peppered ham is our most popular offering and will be a delicious Thanksgiving ham for your holiday dinner. Our family recipe calls for rolling the ham in plenty of brown sugar and fresh cracked black peppercorns, and then we hang it in the smokehouse for 22 hours over real hickory. As the finishing touch, we spiral slice our ham for quick and easy serving; can be enjoyed warmed or at room temperature.

    • Whole Peppered ham, Bone In, 14-16 lb. Serves 20–25
    • Half  Peppered ham, Bone In, 7-8 lb. Serves 10-12
    • Coated in brown sugar and black peppercorns
    • Fully cooked, Spiral Sliced

    Be sure to order a jar of Hogwash with your ham for the most delicious leftovers. 

    Need Warming instructions or have other questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

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    1. Good Ham!

      We have been ordering peppered ham from "Ham I Am" for many years. It has become part of our holiday tradition! This year's ham was also extremely good. Relatives were fighting for the ham bone to use for making soup!!

      My only disappointment was that I ordered a spiral sliced ham and the ham we received was NOT sliced. I spent the time to carve the ham and everyone still enjoyed it very much.
      on 11.30.15

    2. Fantastic ham!!!!

      Just to let you know everyone enjoyed the ham. It was by far the tastiest ham we have had in a long time. This is my second and I waited far too long between them. Great product. on 04.07.15

    3. Yummy ham for any Holiday Occasion

      First time we tried the peppered smoked ham. Have ordered the plain one from Ham-I-Am for years. No disappointments here. Not too peppery-spicy. Just lively wonderful flavor. Everyone loved it. Makes great sandwiches too. So much better than other hams on the market we believe. on 04.07.15

    4. Ham I Am Too

      All went well; delivery, packaging, instructions, moisture, taste and texture. Soup is next. Can't wait! on 04.07.15

    5. Very tasty

      This ham is very lean and has a nice flavor, not too smokey, just enough with the right balance of pepper and brown sugar. After heating, I warmed up some Hogwash and drizzled it on the ham...everyone loved it. Next time I would pour the Hogwash on the ham while it is heating...Delicious! The only negative is the shipping cost on 04.07.15

    6. Peppered Ham

      Great!!all the way to the bone..then used the bone for soup. Ham I am on our table is a holiday tradition and the Hog Wash is a must.. on 01.18.15

    7. Great gift product for family celebration events!

      We sent this as our contribution to the family Christmas party, and it was the bomb! 20 people were present and all commented on how delish this ham was with the hogwash.
      Love Ham I Am!
      on 01.13.15

    8. Highlight of Dinner Party

      Adding this peppered ham to our party was a great decision. This is the 7th year in a row that I have made this special purchase. I live in Maryland so I can only purchase online. Little costly but so worth the cost. on 12.26.14

    9. Ham I Am, great for employees

      The ham was lean and delicioius, a very nice Thanksgiving present for my staff. Thanksgiving is all about quality eating....

      Sam Boyd
      on 11.02.14

    10. only ham to buy!

      This was delicious! It was very meaty and flavorful yet lean, like the way you want ham to be. We heated as per the directions and it was not dry, it was perfect. The peppercorns added a great flavor, though the kids found it a bit too hot. To solve that, we simply trimmed their pieces. There was not a bit of waste on the ham, unlike the other popular/common brand everyone purchases at holidays. This was far superior. We cannot stop picking at the leftovers! Will not buy any other ham, really. Spiral slice worked out fine, no problems. on 11.02.14

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