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Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked Ham

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    Our Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked Ham may easily be the best-tasting ham you’ve had for Thanksgiving brunch. We smoke it over real hickory for 22 hours, leaving the bone in so you can slice this gorgeous ham to your liking. Tender and lean with the right amount of salty flavor, Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked Ham will be the centerpiece of your holiday meal. This generously sized whole ham is made for large celebrations and is guaranteed to sustain all after watching the big game. Ideal for purists who take pride in carving their own Thanksgiving ham, it has not been spiral sliced, is perfect for carving stations, and will make a beautiful centerpiece to your spring spread.

    • Whole ham, Bone In, 12-14 lb Serves 20-25
    • Half ham, Bone In, 7-8 lbs, Serves 10-12
    • Fully cooked; enjoy warmed or at room temperature
    • Ready to carve, not Spiral Sliced. 

    Be sure to order a jar of Hogwash with your ham for the most delicious leftovers. We also recommend adding the ham bone to a package of super-easy Green Split Pea Soup

    Need Warming instructions or have other questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

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    1. Great Ham

      When I discovered Ham I Am, I was on a quest to find the smoked hams like my dad would get when I was a kid. I remember the rich smell and the cheesecloth wrapped hams he would get for Christmas. Long gone are the old smoke houses in our area, but Ozarka Trails Hickory Ham are an awesome reminder that good smoked hams still exist. on 12.26.18

    2. Best Ham Ever!

      I have been ordering ham from Ham I Am, for at least 15 years. I have never been disappointed. In fact, most guests want to know where I purchased my fantastic ham! Once ordered, I know it will arrive on time, it's never late.
      I always get a whole ham and I prefer to slice it myself. It is always moist and delicious!
      So many of my relatives and friends are now fans of Ham I Am and order their own for holidays and special occasions.
      Try it and you will become a fan like me!
      on 04.19.17

    3. Excellent

      This year we ordered the bone-in whole ham and it was delicious! Everyone said it was sweet, moist and reminded us all of old style hams from Christmas' past! Topped w cloves, cherries and pineapple rings!
      You cannot overcook though as it has little fat covering, just follow directions to heat it through at 325 degrees.
      on 12.26.16

    4. Watch the heating time!!!!

      This is the first time we got the non-peppered ham - that extra pepper coating must help keep it from drying out - didn't turn out as well as previous years! on 03.16.15

    5. Best of the Best

      This is the third year we have had this ham, and sent it to other people. It is by far the best ham we have ever had !!!! You can keep your sweet, dried out Honey Baked. This ham has a flavor you can't get enough of and is moist. Yeah !!!!! So Glad we found you !!!!!!! on 11.02.14

    6. This ham is excellent.

      I was so pleased with the Hickory Smoked Ham. I ordered it for our Easter dinner and everyone raved about it. I followed the instructions for baking and it was very moist and tender. I have been searching for a ham that has the old time flavor and tenderness and I have found it. I will order another one for our next feast! on 11.02.14

    7. I was very disappointed.

      The ham came with no instructions on how to serve it heated, and I didn't realize that the ham had no skin and no fat cap. It came out of the oven quite dry and not at all what I had hoped to serve. Several years ago I bought a ham from you and I do not remember its being so dry. I don't know where I'll ever find the ham I'm looking for, but I won't order from you again.

      I do wish your description had been clearer, but I do realize, now, that there's nothing wrong with the ham you sell; it just wasn't the ham I was hoping to buy.
      on 11.02.14

    8. An excellent ham, far beyond certain store bought varieties.

      Exactly as advertised. Strong ham flavor with an excellent mild smokey/salty aftertaste. Very moist and tender; I experimented and cut it with just a fork!. "Bark" is wonderfully peppery with just a taste of sweetness. I served it with a French mushroom gravy which just added to the flavor profile.
      One of the best hams I've ever had, even rivalling some high end European ones.
      on 11.02.14

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