Carved ham slices (this ham does not come sliced, it is DIY)

Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked and Peppered Ham

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    Our Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked & Peppered Ham is the ham that started it all, and not to toot our own horn, but it's also an award winner at the International Fancy Food Show in New York (the highest honor in the "food world". We are confident that this Thanksgiving ham will be the highlight of your holiday meal. 

    Our peppered ham recipe calls for rolling the ham in plenty of brown sugar and fresh cracked black peppercorns, and then we hang it in the smokehouse for 22 hours over real hickory.  Ideal for purists who take pride in carving their own ham, it is ready to be carved to your liking.  This Thanksgiving ham is perfect for carving stations, and will make a beautiful centerpiece for your  holiday gathering. 

    • Whole ham, bone In, 12-14 lbs, Serves 20-25
    • Half ham, bone In, 7-8 lbs, Serves 10-12
    • Coated with Brown Sugar and Black Peppercorns
    • Fully cooked; not sliced, ready to carve

    Don't forget to order a jar of Hogwash to go along with your ham--we hardly ever sell a ham without it.   Throw the ham bone into a package of our super easy Split Pea Soup

    Need warming instructions or have other questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

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    1. Where has this been all my life!

      Absolutely the best I've ever had. Melt in your mouth tender & the "crust" is to die for.

      A new holiday tradition in our house!
      on 11.02.14

    2. City Ham

      Being from Virginia and growing up with "country" ham....salted, I was at first skeptical....that was two years ago. I now have the hickory and peppered ham at least once a year, send as gifts as well. A treat .....don't forget the Hogwash. on 11.02.14


      Finally found the best whole hickory smoked & peppered ham.
      It's peppered perfectly, has a wonderful kick to it and it is so tender
      and moist.
      Absolutely delicious sliced thin and at room temperature.
      Thank You! Ham I am..... you certainly are a Ham.
      on 11.02.14

    4. Love this Ham

      Arrived as requested with ice pack intact and still very cold.
      We warmed the ham for approx 1.5 hrs and the smell was wonderful.
      Ham was moist and flavorful.I loved the Pepper crust but it was a bit too intense for some of the younger ones in our Thanksgiving group. We had a group of 12 and we had plenty to send home with the kids and save some for ourselves as well. Plan to make a pot of beans this weekend with the remainder. I loved this Ham!
      on 11.02.14

    5. so so wonderful

      wow it good to have it and ill always have it on 11.02.14

    6. A considerable cut above other hams

      I ordered the ham for Easter dinner after reading reviews of "mail order" hams in the New York Times. It was marvelous -- a whole new depth of flavor past that of supermarket hams. And the pepper coating rocked! on 11.02.14

    7. a family tradition

      I have ordered this ham for the past 10 plus years and our family looks forward to our annual Christmas dinner. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. on 11.02.14

    8. Best Ham Ever!

      Simply delicious! on 11.02.14

    9. Best ham available!

      Everyone loved the ham and we will order again! on 11.02.14

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